"Because people don't have wings, we look for ways to fly"

The Game

Volleyball is a sport where you're always looking up. That's why a good portion of the game is played in the air. Whenever the ball comes your way, you can only touch the ball for a fraction of a second. What you do within that small window of time will carry on to the rest of the game.

Since you can only touch the ball once, volleyball is not a sport where you can win by yourself. This game requires not only high individual skill, but also a tremendous amount of teamwork as well. Each player is like a cog, and each cog works together to make the gears turn.

"You don't win alone"



Haikyuu is a rather popular anime that is revolves around volleyball. There are a total of three completed seasons and each episode is packed full of suspense and non-stop action. Unlike other sports anime like "Prince of Tennis" and "Kuroko no Basket", Haikyuu portrays a near realistic volleyball experience.

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