Mankind has never been divided over a subject this controversial ever since the OJ simpson case. The debate has been ongoing for centuries as both sides fight to prove which pronunciation is correct, and which side had more free time. There are two ways in which the first letter of GIF is pronounced. The soft G way, and the wrong way.

The Debate

Soft G

Steve Wilhite, the creator of GIF, had declared that the pronunciation of the word started with a soft G instead of hard G. Imagine that you had a baby and named it George, but all the other little shits in kindergarten would constantly call him George with a hard G. That is the feeling of what Steve must go through everyday as he tries to stay sane.

Hard G

There are many reasons why some wrong people would pronounce GIF with a hard G. Maybe they thought that the G in GIF stood for graphics and that is why they used a hard G. Maybe they live in the hood and thought it was natural since they are already hard G's themselves. Maybe their parents are siblings. Whatever the reason, they're wrong misguided.

Team Soft G

  • Geologer
  • Gingili
  • Gyrating
  • Gynandromorph
  • Geochronologist

Team Hard G

  • Gallow
  • Guitar
  • Ghetto
  • Garden
  • Gaming

Which side are you on?

Hard G